Multi Sensor Smoke Detector

Multi Sensor Smoke Detector

We supply Certified Multi Sensor Smoke Detector of best Brand Apollo Smoke Detector, Honeywell smoke detector, Notifire smoke detector, Morley smoke detector, System sensor smoke detector and many more.

Fire detector that monitors more than one physical and/or chemical phenomenon associated with fire. Typical examples are a combination of a heat and smoke detector or combination of heat and gas detectors.

These multi sensor smoke detector sense smoke and heat very fast and offers a good response and are a part of Smoke detection system or Fire Alarm System. At Cease Fire and Electrical Services we install Fire Alarm System and also audit buildings and hospital and we are ISO certified company.

The multi-sensor are capable of monitoring two different sensing elements:

1) Photoelectric
2) Thermal
The design of the point-type multi-sensor photoelectric smoke detector sensing chamber shall be optimised to minimise the effect of dust deposit over a period of time. The chamber cover shall be removable for ease of cleaning or replacement. The point-type multi-sensors shall incorporate screens designed to prevent all but the very smallest of insects from entering the sensing chamber, (50 holes per square centimeter or more). The multi-sensors shall be designed to have high resistance to contamination and corrosion and shall include RFI screening to minimise the effect of radiated and conducted electrical interference.

The sensor is able to operate in the following modes:

1. Combination Mode
The sensor should be able to operate as a photoelectric sensor but when the ambient temperature reaches 40o C or above, the thermal elements should be capable of sensing the 'Rate of Rise' and adjust the sensitivity of the photoelectric element automatically. The sensitivity of the photoelectric should be increased via an internal algorithm.

2. Photoelectric mode
The sensor should be able to return the analogue value for the photoelectric element during a normal polling sequence. The sensor should also be able to signal to the FACP if the thermal sensing element exceeds a fixed temperature threshold.

3. Thermal mode

The sensor should be able to return the analogue value for the thermal element during a normal polling sequence. The sensor should also be able to signal to the FACP if the photoelectric sensing element exceeds a pre-defined threshold. The multi-sensor shall incorporate LED's, clearly visible from the outside, to provide indication of alarm actuation. The LED's should be controlled from the FACP if the LED's flash during the normal polling sequence.

The modes of the multi-sensor scan be controlled by the FACP, when the FACP changes from one mode to another the FACP should re-calibrate the multi-sensor. In locations where the detector is not readily visible, remote indicator units shall be provided. The multi-sensor should have the capability of monitoring both sensing elements, if either or both of the elements fail it should be reported and displayed at the FACP.

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