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Cease Fire & Electrical Services LLP Offers a Total End to End, Fire Fighting and Security Solutions To Commercial,
Public Sector and Residential Customers Throughout India.

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We will ensure that you comply with legislation, recognised quality standards and insurance requirements.

About Us

Established in the year 1992, Cease Fire & Electrical Services LLP has become one of the most trusted and quality-driven company offering designing, installation, commissioning, repair, service and maintenance of fire protection systems like Fire Suppression System, Fire Sprinkler System, CO2 Flooding System, Gas Flooding System, Fire Hydrant System, Fire Fighting System, Fire Alarm System, Smoke Detection System, Burglar Alarm System, Fire Trace System, Fire Protection System, Fire Security System, CCTV Surveillance & Door Access System, and other Fire Fighting Systems. From initial design, supply, and installation, through to ongoing monitoring and maintenance, we uphold the competence to help prevent, detect, and monitor your fire and security risks. Our unending commitment to compliance and best practice ensures that every industry standard and all current legislation is adhered to, providing you with peace of mind throughout our partnership.

Cease Fire & Electrical Services LLP is one of the premier and leading names in Fire Fighting System designing, installation, commissioning, repair, service, and maintenance work. We are not just one of the most experienced but also one of the most trusted in the fire safety industry. Hence, you can feel confident you are in safe hands with Cease Fire & Electrical Services LLP. We are the professional people delivering excellent systems appreciated by all of our client’s and moreover some of the factors that have consistently fuelled our growth in the national as well as international market.

At Cease Fire & Electrical Services LLP, we are a highly experienced company in supplying our products in customized sizes, various materials, and in numerous dimensions. All our products comply with quality standards of NFPA, Fire Bridge, BS, DOT, MMD, ERTL & ISI. This makes them highly demanded in both large and small establishments including hotels. Some of the prestigious establishments we have supplied include reputed hotels such as Oberoi, Hotel Ambassador, and government organizations like CPWD, PWD, MTNL to name a few. Apart from this, we are also engaged in offering complete turkey project solutions including designing, installation, testing, commissioning, & maintenance of electronic security and safety systems. We supply these Fire Protection System services all across Mumbai- Maharashtra-Indian cities.


To provide world class intelligent end-to-end solutions in Safety, Security, Surveillance and Fire Protection Systems integrated on an open platform, delighting our clienteles, and valuing their investments.


To maintain and expand our positions as a leading provider in Safety, Security, Surveillance measures and associated skills to the commercial and industrial security domains, whilst providing a centre of excellence for cutting edge technology.

Our Team

We have a team of highly professionals with competence, talent, and industrious nature from our workforce. The business acumen, skills, and the profound knowledge the team possesses has helped the company to develop products of excellence. We provide regular training to the team to update their knowledge and keep up high standards of the company. The professionals work in tandem and co-ordinate with each other for the progress of the company. They also maintain cordial relations with the clients. Hope you will be kind enough to consider our experience in this field and give us a chance to prove our capability.

Comprehensive Product Range

We provides a wide range of Fire Fighting products like Fire Fighting Products (Fire Extinguishers, Fire Suppression System Accessories, Fire Hydrant System Accessories, Smoke Detectors, Fire Alarm Accessories, Fire Alarm System Response Indicators, Fire Fighting Accessories, Fire Buckets, Emergency Sign Boards).

Fire Fighting System Installations We Provide

  • Fire Suppression System Installation Services
  • FM 200 Fire Suppression System Installation Services
  • Novec Fire Suppression System Installation Services
  • Gas Based Fire Suppression System Installation Services
  • BOC Fire Suppression System Installation Services
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire Suppression System
  • Fire Sprinkler System Installation Services
  • Concealed Sprinkler System Installation Services
  • Pendent Sprinkler System Installation Services
  • Sidewall Sprinkler System Installation Services
  • CO2 Flooding System Installation Services
  • Gas Flooding System Installation Services
  • Fire Hydrant System Installation Services 
  • Fire Fighting System Installation Services
  • Fire Alarm System Installation Services 
  • Smoke Detection System Installation Services 
  • Burglar Alarm System Installation Services 
  • Fire Trace System Installation Services 
  • Fire Protection System Installation Services 
  • Fire Security System Installation Services 
  • CCTV Surveillance & Door Access System Installation Services

Fire Fighting System Servicing and Maintenance we offer

  • Fire Safety System Services and Maintenance
  • Fire Alarm Design Services
  • Fire-Fighting System Services
  • Fire Alarm Installation / Commissioning Services
  • Fire Alarm System Servicing
  • Fire Alarm System Maintenance Services
  • Fire Alarm System Inspection Services
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring and Connected Services
  • Fire Alarm Proactive Intervention Services
  • Reactive Fire Call Out Services
  • Fire Alarm System Repairing Services
  • Fire Alarm System Upgradation Services
  • Electrical System Upgradation Services
  • Fire Safety and Security Upgradation Services
  • Fire Safety Audit Services
  • Fire Safety Audit / Inspection Services
  • Electrical Safety Audit / Inspection Services
  • Energy Audit / Inspection Services
  • Disaster Management
  • Fire Safety Trainings
  • Fire Safety Training Services
  • Fire Safety Drill Services

Why Choose us - Cease Fire & Electrical Services LLP?

  • Over 30 years combined experience.
  • Expert installation tailor-made for you.
  • Highly skilled fire alarm engineers.
  • Extremely focused research & development.
  • Capability of dealing with all kinds of fire.
  • Guaranteed Excellent Customer Service.
  • Competitive pricing with Customized solutions.
  • Third party accreditation.
  • International Quality Standards.