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Fire Extinguishers for Malls

Fire Extinguisher Installation Services for Malls | Fire Extinguisher Inspection Services for Malls | Fire Extinguisher Repair Services for Malls | Fire Extinguisher Upgradation Services for Malls 

Fire Extinguishers for Malls

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Mall Fire Safety

Shopping malls are full activity places as they attract people from different backgrounds and regions for shopping and spending their leisure time. In places like malls and retail stores, it is very difficult to stop the spread of fire once it erupts. The only defensive measure that can be taken is to prevent it from occurring.

As an owner, one of your biggest responsibilities is to make certain your mall is safe from all types of fire, safety, and security risks. Concerning fire safety, you are not only morally obliged but also have strict regulations to follow to keep your employees, visitors, and property safe.

Fire extinguishers are simply one of the most vital items you will find in your workplace. Fire Extinguishers series are specially designed for high performance, simple method of operation and to achieve rapid fire knock down capability of protection from ordinary to high fire hazards. The appropriate installation of fire extinguishers in your malls is important for primary fire safety. 

Ensure safety of your peoples and property by installing advanced fire-proof Fire extinguishers for malls from Cease Fire & Electrical Services LLP. Contact us for specialized installations, customized to your mall layout.          

What causes fires in malls?

  • Electrical issues
  • Mall restaurant kitchens
  • Inadequate and unreliable fire safety systems
  • Arson.
  • Wind and nearby fires
  • Obstructed and Cluttered Exit Routes

Importance of Fire Extinguishers in Malls

Most small fire incidents in malls can be controlled using handy fire extinguishers installed in your malls. In instances of a major fire, such fire extinguishers can help contain the damage until the firefighters arrive.

What is the best type of extinguisher for malls?

ABC extinguishers are great in a small environment. Water Mist: Pressurized water extinguishers are a good option for environments with sensitive equipment, such as hospitals.

What are the types of classes for fire extinguishers for fire extinguishing properties?

Classes of Fire
Class A – Fires Relating Solid Materials such as Paper, Wood, or Textiles.

Class B – Fires Relating Flammable Liquids such as Petrol, Diesel or Oils.

Class C – Fires Relating Gases.

Class D – Fires Involving Metals.

Class E – Fires Relating Live Electrical Apparatus.

Class F – Fires Relating Cooking Oils such as in Deep-Fat Fryers.

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Our Fire Extinguishers have a customised, functional, and fully fail-safe design ensuring these products work without fail in each and every situation.  Additionally, adhering to the quality standards of latest BIS approved and ISI Marked and CE Certifications. 

For more information about Fire Extinguishers for your malls, please contact Cease Fire & Electrical Services LLP at + 91-9920676281 or submit an enquiry form.