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Control Room Fire Safety

Control rooms have supervisory staff, computers and other electronic equipment to manage industrial complex processes. Almost every modern industrial facility has one or more control rooms, regularly monitoring every step of the manufacturing process.

Whether your business is in processing chemicals, heavy manufacturing, or generates electricity, the control rooms are important to your business and crucial to the continued productivity and profitability of your company.

In spite of the low occurrence of fires in control rooms, the risk is there as computerized controllers become faster and denser, requiring more power, and generating more heat. Uninterruptible power systems and their storage batteries pose an additional fire risk.

As an owner, one of your biggest responsibilities is to make certain your Control Room is safe from all types of fire, safety, and security risks. Also, your Control Rooms contain sensitive devices and equipment which cannot be protected from fire from water-based fire protection systems. The fire suppression system is one of the most effective working fire-fighting solutions which acts rapidly extinguishing fires. 

There are many places in Control Rooms with electrical appliances that cannot be exposed to water as water can do as much damage as fire can. Fire Suppression System is able to respond rapidly to fires without causing any type of damage to sensitive machinery, devices, files, etc.

The appropriate installation of a fire suppression system in your Control Rooms is just as important as the quality of the system itself. It is a complex installation demanding expertise in the field, which is why it is best done by professionals.

What causes fires in Control Rooms?

  • Overheating Electronics 
  • Subfloor Wiring Issues 
  • Dirt and Grease Build-Up
  • Fires that Ignite Nearby
  • Electrical failure of IT equipment

Importance of Fire Suppression Systems in Control Rooms

  • Quick Fire Extinguishing System Type.
  • Able to Respond Quickly to Fires.
  • Can be Effectively Used in Areas Where Entry and Exit Could be Blocked.
  • Negligible Health Impact as Fire Suppression Gases are Non-Toxic. 
  • Effective on Deep-Seated Fires in Control Rooms.
  • Water is not Utilised so Your Place will not be Filled or Damaged by Water.
  • Leaves No Residue Behind therefore, No Clean Up Needed Which Lessens Downtime.
  • Safety Release Delay Functionally Designed for Security.
  • Discounts on Insurance and Protection of Your Business as a Whole.
  • Minimization of Unnecessary Business Interruptions.
  • Environmentally Friendly as It does not Cause any Harm to the Environment.

Is Fire Suppression system necessary for fire protection in Control Rooms?

Yes, Fire Suppression systems are prerequisite measures of fire protection systems. Fire Suppression System is designed precisely to protect delicate and sensitive electronic equipment. Fire Suppression System is able to respond rapidly to fires without causing any type of damage to sensitive machinery, devices, files, etc.

How does the Fire Suppression System work?

Fire suppression system is one of the quickest and most effective suppression systems available extinguishing fire in 10 seconds or less which results in less harm, damage, lower repair costs, and shorter downtime. Fire suppression system deploys efficiently and quickly leaving no particulate, oily residue, or water behind.

The typical fire suppression system provides three independent means of actuation: (1) Automatic (2) Remote Manual (3) Direct Manual.  The high-pressure fire suppression system functions on effective pneumatic principles in which pneumatic pressure is utilised to open the valves and operate pressure switches, etc.

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We can safely conclude that you need a highly reliable Fire Suppression system for your Control Rooms. At Cease Fire & Electrical Services LLP with over 30 years of combined experience, we have highly skilled and experienced technicians for installations, inspection, testing, and maintenance services. By partnering with us, you can obtain all the benefits of a reliable and most trusted fire safety partner. Our expertise is guaranteed to benefit you as the quality of our work cannot be rivalled.

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