Novec Fire Suppression Systems

Novec Fire Suppression Systems

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It combines outstanding extinguishing performance with an excellent environmental profile.Novec 1230, C6F12O, fluid has a zero ozone depletion potential, a low global warming potential Halon replacement for use as a gaseous fire suppression agent. Novec 1230 fire protection fluid extinguishes fire primarily by removing heat from the fire. It is also electrically non-conductive. It is generally used in situations where water from a fire sprinkler would damage expensive equipment or where water-based fire protection is impractical, such as museums, server rooms, banks, clean rooms and hospitals.

Chemical Properties of Novec 1230 fluid
Novec 1230 fluid is formed from the elements carbon, fluorine and oxygen [CF3CF2C(O)CF(CF3)2 – dodecafluoro-2-methylpentan-3-one]. The primary extinguishing mechanism of Novec 1230 fluid is heat absorption, with a secondary chemical contribution from the thermal decomposition of Novec 1230 fluid in the flame.

Novec 1230 fluid leaves no residue and is safe for use in occupied spaces.

Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) – Novec 1230 fluid is a highly fluorinated ketone containing no chlorine or bromine. As a result, the ODP for Novec 1230 fluid is zero, meaning it has no effect on stratospheric ozone.

Global Warning Potential (GWP) – Novec 1230 fluid has an atmospheric lifetime of only 0.014 years. The global warning potential for all practical purposes is negligible.

Typical Applications of Novec Fire Suppression Systems

  • Computer Rooms
  • Data Storage Facilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Oil & Gas Petrochemical Facilities
  • Museums
  • Libraries and Archives
  • Medical Facilities
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Storage Areas

Equipment details and specification

Fire suppression systems utilizing Novec 1230 fluid are designed to be discharged within 10 seconds into a room, area, or enclosure with the structural integrity to retain the agent. The Novec 1230 fluid uniformly mixes throughout the protected area achieving a minimum concentration level in accordance with NFPA 2001 and/or agency listings.

Cease fire & Electrical services Fire Systems cylinder assemblies are available at either 360 psi (24.8 bar) or 500 psi (34.48 bar) storage pressures for Novec 1230 fluid. Storage at 500 psi allows the capability to pipe greater distances, to use smaller diameter piping, and to design more complex piping configurations.

Novec Fire Suppression Systems consists of the following components and their associated accessories:
Agent Storage Components – Storage components consist of the cylinder assembly(s), which contains the Novec 1230 fluid, and the cylinder bracket(s), which holds the cylinder assembly securely in place.

Agent Fluid Distribution Components – Distribution components consist of the discharge nozzles used to introduce the Novec 1230 fluid into a protected hazard along with the associated piping system used to connect the nozzles to the cylinder assembly.

Trim Components – Trim components complete the installation of the suppression system and consist of connection fittings, pressure gauge, low-pressure supervisory switch, electric valve actuator, and manual valve actuator.

Slave Arrangement Components – Slave arrangement components consist of the pneumatic valve actuator(s), actuation check valve, vent check, actuation hose, and fittings required for a multiple cylinder (slave) arrangement.

Supplemental Components – Supplemental components include the discharge pressure switch and manifold check valve. They supplement the core equipment or complete a specific multi-cylinder configuration.

Control Panel – This device monitors the condition of the electric actuator, detectors, warning devices, cylinder pressure, and any manual release and abort stations. All electric or electronic devices must connect to the control panel in order to function.

Detection and Alarm Devices – Detection devices coupled with manual release and abort stations maximize system efficiency while audible and visual alarm devices alert staff of alarm conditions.

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